Rules for authors

1. Paper structure.
The material should be presented in the following order: paper title, list of the authors and their affiliations, abstract, introduction, main body, conclusions, acknowledgements, appendices, and bibliography list. The title should be concise, and it should reflect the paper content. The abstract should state clearly the aim, task, main results, and novelty of the paper. Introduction and bibliography list should reflect the contemporary state of the problem considered in the paper.
2. Manuscript preparation.
The papers should be prepared in electronic form in LaTeX2ε. The author should also submit the pdf file of their paper in line with the LaTeX file. The figures should be submitted in EPS format in black and white (the color and greyscale art should be converted into black and white). The color and greyscale art can be used in the electronic version. In this case the author should submit the figures in two formats: in black and white (for print) and in color (for publication in electronic form). The figure files are numbered according to their appearance in the paper, e.g., Fig1.eps, Fig2.eps, etc.
3. Paper size.
The total size of the paper together with figures and tables should not exceed 6 A4 pages.
4. Bibliography style.
Bibliography is prepared in the Physical Review format adopted by the American Physical Society. The references are numbered according to their appearance in the paper. The reference numbers are put in square brackets. Examples of bibliography references:

1. N.P. Author1, Phys. Rev. A 70, 013603 (2004).
2. N.P. Author1 and N.P. Author2, e-print arXiv:0704.3011 (2005).
3. N.P. Author1, N.P. Author2, and N.P. Author3, Phys. Rev. A 70, 013603 (2004).
4. N.P. Author1 and N.P. Author2, Book Title (Publisher, City, 2007).
5. N.P. Author1, Proc. of 35th Annual Conference on Theoretical Physics,
edited by N.P. Editor1 (Publisher, City, 2006), p. 120.

The references to translated editions should be supplemented with the references to the original language editions.
5. Formulas should be left justified. In split formulas the mathematical sign at the end of the first row is repeated at the beginning of the second row. Physical quantities can be denoted by Latin or Greek letters only. Chemical formulas should be typed upright.

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