Accommodation and transport.

Accommodation will be offered in a 4 star Hotel "Kurortny" in resort region Odesa (10 min walk to the sea beach) at a rate not more of 50 EUR per a single room. Breakfast are included in the price. Please use following link to make your own reservation. Make sure that you type “DPA-2017” as a note while making your reservation. If you need our help in reservation hotel, please, inform us. Should you wish to arrange accommodation on your own, you can choose from variety of hotels or university hostel.
The conference will be organized in a conference centre in the Hotel Kurortny, (Kurortny lane, 2, Odesa, Ukraine).
Hotel Kurortniy -
Hotel Arcadia -
Geneva Resort Hotel -
Bon Appart -
Hotel Odesa -
Hotel Esperanto -
Hotel Morskoy -
Palace del Mare -
Should you wish to arrange accommodation at the university hostel, please, inform the LOC.
There will be buses organized from Odesa airport to a venue location.
There are taxis available, approximate price for going to Hotel Kurortny would be about 10 EUR.

Public transport option.

Take 129 bus from airport to the stop “Chernykhovskogo” (30 mins). Follow direction to the Hotel Kurortny (10 minutes walk from this station).
Take 5 tram from railway station to the station "Kurortny".

We look forward to meeting you there!